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Accomplished Teaching, Learning and Schools (ATLAS) was the vision of Ron Thorpe, former President and CEO of the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards, 2011–2015. Ron believed that in order to build a stronger teaching profession, we must provide teachers with a clear picture of what accomplished teaching looks like and an understanding of how accomplished teachers think. ATLAS is dedicated to Ron and his vision.


The National Board is thankful for contributions made from the following organizations:

Department of Education


STUART Foundation





National Board

Recognized as the gold standard in teacher certification, the National Board believes higher standards for teachers mean better learning for students. The National Board aims to support teacher preparation by offering ATLAS.

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Michelle Accardi, NBCT

Director, Policy & Partnerships

Kimberly Bertocci

Senior Manager, Partnerships

Marcia Foster

Director, New Products and Services

Andrea Hajek, NBCT

Director, Educator Engagement

Kristin Hamilton, NBCT

Senior Director, Standards

Glowena Harrison

Manager, ATLAS

Stephen Helgeson

Vice President, New Products and Services

Trang Hoang

Program Associate, Standards, Assessments and Innovation

Patrick Ledesma, NBCT

Director, Information Systems and Analytics

Charisse Licorish

Senior Associate, Standards

Kim O'Neil, NBCT

Manager, Standards & Assessment

Alanna Shevak

Senior Content Manager, ATLAS

Caitlin Wilson

Senior Manager, Improvement Coaching

Kara Davis

User Experience Consultant

Sherry Schaaf

Educational Content Specialist


Institute for the Study of Knowledge Management in Education

ATLAS is built on ISKME’s OER Commons platform. This partnership allowed the National Board to focus on ATLAS content and tagging while ISKME contributed their expertise toward the development of a platform for hosting high-quality educational content.

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ATLAS resources and framework tag collections were created by hundreds of educators across the country. In particular, the National Board would like to thank the following organizations for their contributions:

Stanford Center for Assessment, Learning, and Evaluate

Council of Chief State School Officers


National Council for the Social Studies


Educational Service District 105, WA

Jackson-Madison School System, TN

Metro-Nashville Public Schools, TN

Niagara Falls City Schools, NY

Seattle Public Schools, WA

Tipton County Board of Education, TN

West Valley School District, WA

Central Washington University

Niagara University

Tennessee State University

University of Memphis

Thank you to all the educators who helped us build ATLAS. A special thanks to all the NBCTs and their students who were willing to open up their classrooms to show educators what accomplished teaching looks like and without whom there would be no ATLAS.

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